Chocolate Madness

Smooth & rich Belgian chocolate flour-less torte. Served with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. (GF)

Chocolate Madness2018-02-13T13:03:41-05:00

Mini Favs

Have it your way! Choose just one or create your combo. Carrot Cake, Cheesecake or Key Lime Pie. (GF)

Mini Favs2017-08-31T12:56:26-04:00

“New” Island Trio

Can't decide on just one? Our mini dessert trio features Key Lime Pie, Cheesecake, and Carrot Cake. Yummm! (GF)

“New” Island Trio2018-02-09T17:52:27-05:00

“New” Key Lime Pie

Rich, tart and creamy smooth. Made with fresh key limes, graham cracker crust over drizzled Raspberry sauce. (GF & Nut Free)

“New” Key Lime Pie2017-08-30T18:06:46-04:00

“New” Cheesecake

Be sure to ask what flavor of the week is! Melt in your mouth~ delicious! You will want this one all to yourself. (GF & Nut Free)

“New” Cheesecake2017-08-30T18:07:10-04:00

Fifty Shades of Chocolate Cake

A large slice of double drizzled with homemade salted caramel. White and dark chocolate icing. (Nut Free)

Fifty Shades of Chocolate Cake2018-02-09T17:50:28-05:00

Coconut Cream Cake

Very moist cake, fresh coconut whipped creamed icing over chocolate sauce. A LARGE slice of Heaven! (Nut free)

Coconut Cream Cake2017-08-30T18:07:27-04:00

Crème Brûlée

A rich vanilla custard topped with a contrasting layer of caramelized sugar. (GF & Nut Free)

Crème Brûlée2018-02-09T17:49:17-05:00
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